Covid-19 and Bowls

Bowling Greens 2020 — Opening Day Sat 27th June

Bowling clubs will not open unless all the necessary measures to ensure the safety of players and volunteers can be implemented. Players should only play if they feel fit, well, and sure they can adhere to the guidance put in place by the home club.

You Cannot turn up and play — all bookings must be made in advance — Our online booking system is up and running.

Play Arrangements

The cost is £3 per person for one 2-hour session , timeslots are shown below. You can instead buy a season ticket for £20. Just click on the Bank transfer image to get details of how to pay for your session ticket or season ticket. NO CASH SALES

COVID-19 Guidelines
1. Please do not visit the club if you have any symptoms, in particular a cough or high temperature.
2. It is the responsibility of each member to decide whether they consider it is safe for them to do so with regard to government recommendations, especially about age.
3. Each member is responsible for the sanitation of the equipment before they use it and asked to clean it again after use.
4. Play can only take place after booking a rink on the club website, please note this is for members only and is password protected.
5. Bookings are available for the following times:
• 10:00-12:00
• 13:00- 15:00
• 16:00-18:00
• 19:00-21:00
6. Play is restricted to one or two people on each rink (unless all players are from the same household).
7. Social distancing must always be maintained.
8. Only alternate rinks are used, either 1,3,5 or 2,4,6 and all 3 greens are available
9. You can book a rink to play on alone or with one other player.
10. Please do not visit the club without a booking, do not arrive more than ten minutes before your allotted time and please leave straight afterwards. There should not be more than 20 people within the grounds at any time. There can be no spectators.
11. Please arrive ready dressed for play, bowls shoes to be changed at the rink.
12. Please clean mats and Jacks before and after use with the facilities provided. There will be hand sanitisers and disposable gloves available, but please bring any other personal hand gels you may wish to use.
13. Equipment before use should be taken from the red box and once used returned to the blue box
14. Both clubhouses will remain closed, so no toilet facilities are available
15. There will be no pushers, measures or scoreboards used, a marker can only be used if all three are from the same household.
16. Only one player should handle the Jack and one the mat, the jack must be placed with your feet.
17. All these restrictions may alter as government advice permits.
Please enjoy your bowling but stay safe.



Social distancing rules must be strictly adhered to you must remain at least 2 metres apart from other bowlers (who are not part of your household) at all times.