Results from the One-Day Competitions

Helen Gough Trophy

The Helen Gough Trophy is a Four Wood Singles competition that usually takes place Spring Bank Holiday Weekend in May.
2021 Not Played
2020 Not Played (COVID-19)
2019 Winner: Dan Palmer & Shaun Jones (Ross-on-Wye) Runner-up: Jordan Driscoll & Jake Hancock (Kidwelly)
2018 Winner: Chad Bowling, Ben Matthews & Wyn Matthews (Graig Merthyr) Runner-up:
2017 Winner: Shaun Jones (Ledbury) Runner-up: Ken Price (Llandrindod) Semi-Finalists: Alec Davies (Llanidloes) & Eric Davies (Blue Anchor)
2016 Winner: Bryan Jones (Chuck’N Chase) Runner-up:Jim Knowles (St.Martins) Semi-Finalists: Liam Bouse (Llanbradach) & Tim Bouse (Ystrad Mynych)
2015 Winner: Liam Bouse (Llanbradach) Runner-up: Luke Harwood (Llandrindod) Semi-Finalists: Jessica Sims (Llandrindod) & David Davies (Merthyr West End)
2014 Winner: Shaun Jones (Ross-On-Wye) Runner-up:Tim Bowes (Ystrad Myanch) Semi-Finalists: Sam Roff (Builth Wells) & Jessica Sims (Llandrindod)
2013 Winner: Phil Carpenter (Harlequins) Runner-up:Betty Morgan MBE(Llandrindod) Semi-Finalists: Gareth Sims (Llandrindod) & Jessica Sims (Llandrindod)
2012 Winner: Shaun Jones Runner-up: Chris Lewis(Llandrindod) Semi-Finalists: Gareth Sims (Llandrindod) & Steve Brown (Builth)
2011 Winner: Jess Williams (Llandrindod) Runner-up: Marcus Smith (Presteigne) Semi-Finalists: Gareth Sims (Llandrindod) & Brian Jones (Llandrindod)
2010 Winner: Phil Carpenter (Tenby) Runner-up: Kevin Stephens (Llandrindod Wells) Semi-finalists: Liam Bouse (Ystrad Mynach) & Ian Pugh (Aberystwyth)
2009 Winner: Daniel Palmer (Ross-on-Wye) Runner-up: Steve Smith (Ledbury) Semi-finalists: Liam Bouse (Gilfach Bargoed) & Chris Lewis (Llandrindod)
2008 Winner: Marcus Smith (Ledbury) Runner-up: Jessica Williams (Llandrindod) Semi-finalists: Tim Bouse (Ystrad Mynych) & Aubrey Stephens (Llandrindod)
2007 Winner: Adie Burbridge (Worcester) Runner-up: Brian Jones (Llandrindod) Semi-finalists: Doreen Herbert (Hereford) & Tony Harris (Gorseinon)

Metropole Cup

The Metropole Cup – Up until 2015 this was a four-wood singles competition, from 2016 the format changed to a Open Pairs competition.
2021 Not Played
2020 Not Played
2019 Not Played
2018 Not Played
2017Winner: Robert Weale (Presteigne) & Bryan Jones (unattached)Runners-up:Kevin Stephens & Sam Roff (Llandrindod Wells)
2016Winner: Luke Harwood (Llandrindod) & Ryan Atkins ( Ledbury) Runners-up:Marcus Smith & Gareth Wills (Presteigne)
2015Winner: Luke Harwood (Llandrindod) Runner-up: Sam Roff (Builth Wells)
2014Winner: David Weale (Presteigne) Runner-up: Brian Jones (Llandrindod) Semi-finalists: Sam Roff (Builth) & Betty Morgan (Llandrindod)
2013Winner: Jeff Cole (Llandrindod) Runner-up: John Price (Llandrindod) Semi-finalists: Steve Jones (Builth) & Luke Stanley (Barry Athletic)
2012 Not Played
2011Winner: David Davies (Merthyr West End) Runner-up: Brian Kingdon (Parc-y-dre) Semi-finalists: Betty Morgan (Llandrindod B.C.) & Simon Kendall
2010Winner: Chris Lewis (Llandrindod) Runner-up: John Weare (Hereford) Semi-finalists: Kath Griffiths (Brecon) & Roland Salmon (Aberystwyth)
2009Winner: Luke Harwood (Llandrindod) Runner-up: Reg Davies (St Martin’s) Semi-finalists: Gwynant Ellis (Aberystwyth) & Emyr Griffith (Cymmer Welfare)
2008Winner: Kevin Stephens (Llandrindod) Runner-up: Adam Jenkins (Aberystwyth) Semi-finalists: Marcus Smith (Ledbury) and Terry Jenkins (Newtown)
2007Winner: Marcus Smith (Ledbury)Runner-up: David Stephens (Llandrindod) Semi-finalists: Roy Hall (Llandrindod) and Gareth Sims (Llandrindod)

Kermode Trophy

The Kermode Trophy is a Four Wood Singles competition that usually takes place on August Bank Holiday
2021Winner : Ed Jelfs (Llandrindod Wells) Runner-up: Stuart Pagan (Abbeyview)
2020 Not Played (COVID-19)
2017Winner : Wyn Matthews (Graig Merthyr) Runner-up:Dan Palmer (Ross on Wye) Semi-finalists : Stuart Pagan (South Queensferry) & Luke Harwood (Llandrindod Wells)
2016Winner : Ryan Atkins (Ledbury) Runner-up:David Weale (Presteigne) Semi-finalists : Stuart Pagan (South Queensferry)
2015Winner : Andi Gray (Townhill) Runner-up:Jordan Pearce (Townhill) Semi-finalists : Eric Davies (Blue Anchor) & Stuart Pagan (Townhill)
2014Winner : Jessica Sims (Llandrindod) Runner-up: Semi-finalists :
2013Winner : Jessica Sims (Llandrindod) Runner-up: Clive Martin (Llanidloes) Semi-finalists : Brian Jones (Llandrindod) & Stuart Pagan (Townhill)
2012Winner : Jessica Williams (Llandrindod) Runner-up: David Davies (Merthyr West End) Semi-finalists: Bryan Jones (Builth Wells) & Stuart Pagan (Townhill)
2011Winner: Jessica Williams (Llandrindod)Runner-up: Wyn Matthews (Graig Merthyr) Semi-finalists: Betty Morgan (Llandrindod) & Wendy Price (Llandrindod)
2010Winner: Peter Rogers (Sully)Runner-up: Jessica Williams (Llandrindod) Semi-finalists: Carl Best (Sully) & Stuart Pagan (Townhill)
2009Winner: Wyn Matthews (Swansea)Runner-up: Luke Harwood (Llandrindod) Semi-finalists: Stuart Pagan (Townhill) & Gareth Sims (Llandrindod)
2008Winner: Robert Weale (Presteigne)Runner-up: Terry Jenkins (Newtown) Semi-finalists: Mike Mival (Berriew) and Willie Wilson (Townhill)
2007Winner: Chris Lewis (Llandrindod Wells)Runner-up: Brian Jones (Llandrindod) Semi-finalists: Willie Campbell (Townhill) and Steven Thomas (Graig Merthyr)